Apps that you can use while working from Home.

Work from home application or software

Work from home Application

As the entire country has been talking about COVID-19 and this virus spread very fastly across the world. In India, most of the state government pushes every corporate to work from home. Now the employees feel doubt about sharing information related to their work to their teammates and confused how to get trained on new work.

Here, I am telling you about some work from home application that people can use easily and share their work with their colleagues and do meetings with all the team members.

  • WebEx meetings:

Work from home application or software

This software or app is developed by the American company Cisco for web conferencing or video conferencing. You can use it as a free version that allows 100 participants to join meeting with HD video, screen sharing, and a personal room. It can also be used for giving training to new colleagues also. Compatible with both laptops as well as mobile with consuming fewer data. It is best to work from home software.

Work from home software

  • Microsoft Team:

Work from home application or software

This software is developed by Microsoft which is used as a communication and collaboration platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, training sessions, and application integration. It can be used on laptops as well as mobile also. Best work from home software by Microsoft.

  • Zoom:

Work from home application or software

This work from home software is developed by American communication Technology Company and it is the leader in modern enterprise video communications with an easy and reliable platform for video and audio conferencing, chats, and webinars. Nowadays mostly company or person uses this app for a webinar as it gives so many control to the person who hosts the webinar.

  • Whatsapp:

Work from home application or software

Whatsapp is one of the widely used Facebook-owned messaging applications in India. It is mostly used for sharing memes, GIFs, and unnecessary messages within a family, friends groups, or in private. You can use this app for sharing documents, media, or videos related to work related to their work. You can use Whatsapp web on your desktop or laptops also while working from home. It can be considered as good work from home application.

  • Telegram:

Work from home application or software

Telegram is a pious messaging app you can use while working from home. It is compatible with both android and IOS devices. With this application, you can sync your contacts, share media files, documents, and voice messages. You can create group on this work from home application and send information to all team members at once.

  • We Chat:

Work from home application or software

With this application WeChat, you can make calls, read the news, and use local services in official accounts and mini-programs. With this app, you can make mobile payments and can create groups with up to as many as 500 members of the team while working from home. (Work from home application)

  • Hangouts:

Work from home application or software

This app is developed by Google. Hangouts can use for business meetings, send multimedia messages, and connect google voice account for phone calls, SMS, and voice mail integration. Many employees use this app while working from home as well as use for training or webinars. So It can also be considered as the best work from home application.

  • Band:

Work from home application or software

If anyone is looking for an app for group conversations or group meetings while working from home, then Band can be a perfect option for them. Its features involve shared calendar, community board, polls, private chat, and To-Do lists. (work from home application)

  • Viber:

Work from home application or software

Viber is a simple interacting app with their colleagues or employees while working from home. You can make free audio/video calls, chats, group video calls, etc. Used for formal as well as informal meetings with colleagues. (work from home software)

All the above app, you can use it easily. All are free and easy to use while working from home.

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