IT STARTED WITH A MISUNDERSTANDING (part 6)- A Story by Ahana Biswas

Chapter 6

Why With Me!?

Recap–Suhani’s mother called her and asked her to stay away from home for a few days in a hotel near the office…or Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4 and Chapter 5


Suhani was with Soham in the hospital for two weeks.

Two weeks later, Soham was discharged from the hospital.

Soham was in the wheelchair.

Suhani requested for a week more to pay the remaining amount for Soham’s treatment.

Soham didn’t know everything that happened. He only knew that Suhani’s car had hit him. And Suhani was with him while he was in the hospital. He didn’t know anything else… who paid for the treatment, was Suhani always with him…

He didn’t have the mental condition to think of anything.

Suhani was thoughtful… Where to leave Soham? He needed immense care and attention. She couldn’t give him that. And He had no family to care for him…

Suddenly, She got an idea. She knew it could be helpful.

She asked Soham, who was in the wheelchair, sitting in front of the reception cabin.

She said, ” Soham, do you have any close friend? Someone who stays very close to your house… Do you?”

In a shaky voice, he replied,” mm…yes. I’ve got a good friend indeed. In fact, we’re best friends. But he lives a few meters away from my house. Why this question all of a sudden?”

“mm… because you need someone to take care of you well. Your family isn’t there anymore. I’m sorry about that. I thus asked you if you have a true friend to take good care of you.”

“Oh.. okay,” He replied in a sad undertone…”

“I’ll leave you with your best friend. then I’ll return too.”


“Then call him. He’ll take you home.”

“Okay…mm…my phone?”

“Here it is.”

Suhani handed over his phone to him.

His phone didn’t damage after the accident. It just slipped out of his shirt’s pocket and fell away. It was given to Suhani later.

Soham dialed his number and gave it to Suhani as he couldn’t talk in his present condition.

Suhani spoke,” Hey. I’m Suhani. Soham’s colleague. He has met an accident. I heard that you’re his good friend. Can you be depended on to take good care of him? His condition isn’t much good. He needs good care and attention. Will you be with him?”

“Of course! I’ll surely be with him!” Said Soham’s friend.

“Well then. Come to take him  to the city hospital entrance.”


The call ends.

Half an hour later, Soham’s friend comes and takes him away…not to Soham’s home. To his home. They were childhood friends.  So they had a close family relation. Soham would stay well with them, Suhani understood. So She was in relief.

But now She was worried about herself.

She wanted to go home and see her mother and father. Her family.

She wanted to know the reason why her mother and cousin sister cried that day on the phone.

But her mother had said not to return.

She couldn’t disobey her mother. She never actually did disobey her mother.

She had no choice but to go and the hotel beside her office, where her mother had told her to.

But still, the same question buzzed in her mind, why did her number tell her not to return? What could have had happened?

She was worried about Soham’s treatment pay too…

She’d asked for and also granted a week extra to pay the money…

She, at last, after thinking for long, called her cousin elder sister and told her everything that happened.

Nisha was shocked!

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier, dear? I’ll help you. Just wait for me. I’ll pay for it for you today. Then drop you to your hotel.”

“Thank you, Di…”

The calls end.

A few minutes later, Nisha arrived.

Nisha clears all the pending payments and then comes out of the hospital with Suhani.

Suhani was upset. She said,” Di, why can’t I return home? I wanna see my family! my mom. my dad.  I wanna see them. ”

Nisha was silent for a moment.

She then said,” Dear, I don’t know. please don’t talk about it. Lemme drop you to the hotel.”

“Okay,” Suhani said. she didn’t speak much.

Nisha had pre-paid for Suhani’s two weeks stay.

And booked her room and had her luggage delivered to her room earlier so that she wouldn’t have to go home.

Actually, a very shocking incident had taken place.

Suhani’s mother and her sister didn’t want her to know it as they knew that Suhani was already depressed and also she couldn’t do well in her career.

Suhani entered her room.

She didn’t feel like being there at all!

But she had to…

Suhani didn’t eat properly those days.

Neither did she eat that day. She skipped lunch and breakfast. She lies to her mother that she had eaten.

In the evening, she called her boss.

“Hello, Sir. Suhani here. Sorry, sir that I couldn’t go to the office these days. I was in not a good situation. What happened was…”

Before she completed, her boss interrupted,” Don’t give lame excuses. I know you’re not interested in your work anymore. Better leave than being. ”

“Sir please let me explain! Sir please”

“Stop it! I had been observing you for a long time. You were never mentally in your office even if you physically were. You were always absent-minded. You weren’t performing well for a long time. But I trusted you, so I waited. I gave you chances to prove yourself. But you failed each time! Now, I’m speechless! I’m thinking that you don’t like what you do anymore. So better leave your job.”

( crying badly) “Sir! Sir! …….I’m…I’m… sorry! let me explain at least once! please, sir!”

“I gave you several chances before. but you failed each time!”

“Please sir…. please….”

Suhani was crying very badly. She was heartbroken! Exhausted! Speechless! Helpless! Hopeless!

She couldn’t talk anymore.

“Suhani! Where did you go? You dared to hang up before I finished what I wanted to say!”

” S….s… sorry sir,” She said, crying and panting, ” You continue….”

(angrily) ” I guess you come to the office and sign a suspension form. You didn’t prove your worthwhile you were there. So I thought you better leave.”

Surprised! Shocked! Speechless!

“Sir…I’ll tell you about that by night. Please give me some time, Sir.”

Cries badly after the call ends.

Suhani laid on the bed and cried badly!

She was already depressed.

After that, now she’s about to lose her job!

It was 6 pm by then.

She didn’t realize when she’d actually fallen asleep while crying. She didn’t sleep well those days in the hospital.

When she woke up, it was 8 pm then…..

to be continued……

to be continued, read the upcoming chapters…..

Stay tuned in, my friends…

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