IT STARTED WITH A MISUNDERSTANDING (part 5)- A Story by Ahana Biswas

Chapter 5

What Should I Do..?

Recap–Suhani was waiting outside. She was lost in thoughts. Then the doctor came out and was about to tell the patient’s condition…or Read Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3 and Chapter 4


“So, doctor, how’s the patient? How’s he?”

Suhani enquired.

“He’s not that good. He needs to take care of very well. The accident has caused an injury in his head, as I already have said. It might result in his memory loss. There’s no guarantee about that. Also, his body is very weak. He needs all his time mental and physical support. I hope he’ll get that. Else, he’ll take a longer time to recover or his condition may also worsen.

But… there’s something that needs to be taken care of, the most. And that is ….”

Before he could finish, Suhani interrupted,” That is? that is what, Doctor?”

“Let me complete my sentence, Ma’am. ”

And he continued,

“That is…due to excessive consumption of alcohol, his liver has been harmed. Though it’s not very seriously affected, how much it’s been affected, is enough for the person’s life to alter in the future. We’ve performed operations his arms, legs, and head. But sorry to say, we won’t be able to operate on his liver as you’ve still half of the money to pay for his operation and if the liver treatment is carried out, your burden may increase and you’ve already said about your family’s conditions. How will you support them? For your convenience, we already deducted a huge amount from the total money you were to pay, to lighten your burden.”

Suhani was dumbfounded. She was helpless. She said,” I understand.”

She didn’t speak anything else.

“You must pay the remaining amount within 2 days.” said the doctor and then, in a serious tone, he said,” Take good care of him.”

Suhani stood there silent for some time.

She didn’t know what to do.

She didn’t go inside, to see Soham.

Instead, she sat down on the chairs and then thought of calling her cousin sister, who was 4-5 years elder than her, already married and was richer.

She thought of discussing the problems with her and ask for help…

So she dialed her number and waited…

First, the call wasn’t received. She called again.

Not received.

Tried thrice.

Not received a single time.

She was hopeless and restless.

She sat there hopelessly and helplessly.

Now she had the responsibility of her family, her job, and Soham’s betterment.

All on her alone!

Suddenly, her phone rang.

It was her cousin’s elder sister.

“Hello! Di… Di, I’ve something very important to tell you. Di, I need your help.

I’m dependent on now. Di, please help me!”

“I’m not okay now, dear. Sorry. I may not be of any help to you this time. I’m really sorry!” …said her cousin elder sister, Nisha, sobbing.

“Di! Di! What happened? You sound like you’re crying. Are you okay?” asked Suhani, but, there was…No reply.

She noticed that the call had ended.

“What was all this happening? What’s wrong with my family today? Why’s everyone crying and weeping today? I need to know what’s wrong. Ma and Di are hiding something. I must know what’s the truth. I must know what’s happened…” She murmured to herself.

She then went to Soham to meet.

Soham laid unconscious on the bed.

She went and sat on the tool near his bed and prayed to God for his improvement and asked for help as now she could only depend on God for what was to come next.

She was all puzzled!

On the one hand, she had to support her family, who currently, is undergoing lots of troubles, she knew.

And on the other hand, she had Soham’s responsibility as well.

And adding to all her worries, her job status was in a state of deterioration.

She sat there silent.

It was almost midnight by then.

She hadn’t eaten anything neither did she drink water.

Her worries and depression made her forget about all these.

She called her mother again when it was around 1 am.

Though she knew her mother had slept by then, still she called her, as, she needed someone to talk to and cry out her feelings to…

The call wasn’t received at first.

But the second time, it was received.

“Hello, Ma. You were asleep, right? I woke you up… But Ma, I need to talk to you,  tell you many things that I still haven’t told anyone yet, or actually, haven’t been given a chance to tell anyone. Can I tell you everything now? And also you’ll tell me why have you been crying since morning.

Even Nisha Di was crying. Is anything wrong there? Did anything happen? Ma!?

(crying softly, trying to keep her voice calm)

“Everything is okay. You need not worry dear. And you sleep now. You need to rest. We’ll talk in the morning. I’ll call you and you tell me everything. But now you sleep, dear. It’s late.”

Suhani understood that her mother was very upset and not in a mood to talk. So she thought of ending the conversation.

“Okay ma,” she said, and the line goes dead.

Suhani went outside the cabin and sat on the chairs. She laid her back against the wall and tried to fall asleep… and few minutes later…she fell asleep.

No sooner had she fallen asleep, than her phone rang.

It was her mother.

“Hello dear. were you asleep?”

“No, Ma. I was just lost in thoughts. You tell me what you want to, Ma. Ma, are you okay?”

“I’m okay dear. Don’t worry. Just tell me if you’re returning home tomorrow or not. ”

“I don’t know about it yet. Why Ma? Any problem?”

“No dear. None. It’s okay if you won’t return home. If I may request you to, can you just have a few days to stay in the hotel near your office?”

“Why Ma? Why shall I stay in a hotel when I’ve got such a nice house with the loveliest people of my life staying in it?”

” Please my dear. Understand. In simple words, the situation here isn’t good. I don’t want you to get more worried and depressed. Your Nisha Di will pay for your stay. Please, dear. I’ll tell you everything, but later. Please keep mom’s request.

Please, dear. Don’t come back home these few days. ”

“Hello!  Ma!  Are you there? Ma!”

No response.

Then the line went dead.

“Why did she tell me to stay away from home? What could have happened? What such a situation has occurred that will depress me if I returned? Why did Ma say it so sad? Ma. ..Ma … please tell me what happened… please…I can’t be more restless… please…” she thought to herself.

What actually happened that has made her mother tell her to stay away from home?

Suhani understood something really bad, really depressing, had happened. But what?

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