IT STARTED WITH A MISUNDERSTANDING (part 4)- A Story by Ahana Biswas

Chapter 4

Is Hope Still There…?

Recap–Suhani received a phone call, which was from her mother. She told Soham to take rest and went to receive the phone….or Read Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3


“D…Doctor! Doctor! ” yelled Suhani, in a state of panic and fright.

Luckily, The doctor was, at that point in time, present in the same corridor where Soham and Suhani were.

He came in rushing.

“What’s the matter? Anything wrong?” asked the doctor.

Suhani pointed out.

The doctor looked at her direction, towards the screen.

He saw, that Soham’s heart waves were irregular.

He immediately went and checked him.

His pulses were irregular and his body was cold!!!!

“I’m sorry but the patient doesn’t seem to be in good condition. I must operate on him. His body is cold. His pulses are irregular. I’m afraid if he doesn’t recover…

It’ll be helpful if you cooperate and go out and wait and let us start the operation.”  said The doctor in a cold undertone.

“mmm…. okay….but….how much would the whole procedure cost?”

Actually, Suhani’s family was not economically stable, and also, her father had been very sick, and for his treatment, they needed a lot of money.

Suhani had a new job and she was doing well. But recently, due to her father’s sickness, worry about money, and the most important point, she was the only support for her family as her father, who had been work as a peon, had lost his job, as he was forced out, she was very depressed.

She was most upset and lost in thoughts, even if she was or wasn’t engaged in any work.

That afternoon, when her car hit Soham, she was, lost in that. She didn’t notice that Soham was passing her car and when she noticed, she was already too close to him and before she applied the brakes, the car had already hit Soham.

After that incident, she was in quite a traumatic state. And adding to it, when today, on the phone, she heard her mother crying that badly, she became more depressed. She couldn’t understand what was to happen in the near future.

She was, on one hand, very worried about her family, which was her first priority, and, on the other hand, worried about Soham’s treatment.

How will she alone pay for everything?

She couldn’t take it all.

Also, her depression had affected her job.

She had been performing very badly and was very irregular with the work that her senior had been giving her.

She was punished by been given less salary for the past few weeks.

And also once she went very late to the office, due to which she was warned about being demoted to a lower status, her previous position in her office.

She had once been, a very joyful girl, but now, she completely had changed.

She waited outside and while waiting, she called her mother to ask her the reason why she was weeping.

“Hello Ma!” said she. …her voice was softer then usual.

But her mother didn’t notice that as she wasn’t in a state to think about anything.

“Hello, Suhani. You’re okay?” answered her mother.

” I should have asked you this question. anyway, I’m okay, Ma. But I don’t think you’re okay. What happened, Ma? Why were you crying so badly on the phone a few minutes ago? Is everything alright? How’s Papa’s health? ”

(Sobbing)” I’m ..I’m…I’m okay dear. Your Papa is not well yet but he’ll recover. Pray for him. And always remember, I and your Papa are always there with you-With you. Within you. Even if….if… anytime we physically don’t be there with you, remember, we’ll be there in your mind. In your heart, forever. Forever……” saying so, she keeps the phone and weeps badly.

“Hello! Ma! Ma!…ma?” Suhani saw that her mother had dismissed the call.

She was suddenly so much more worried.

“Why did Ma say that she and Papa won’t be physically there with me? What will happen to them? Where will they go leaving me? Or…did she…..

No! No! How can it be? Why will it be? Nothing will happen to them after all. They won’t leave me alone! They can’t!”

Suhani was restless. Her heart was palpitating! She was too worried! Too tensed! Too depressed!

The words of her mother kept buzzing in her ears. She couldn’t forget those words. ..

And she was also worried about Soham’s treatment and how will she pay so much money!?

She called her cousin sister to talk about it.

She needed to lighten the burden of depression on her.

She tried several times but the call wasn’t answered.

She sat there, hopelessly! helplessly!

A few hours later, when it was almost evening, and Suhani still sat there, but she was asleep, she heard someone calling,” Ma’am! Ma’am!”

She woke up and saw the doctor.

She enquired, ” Doctor, what about the patient? Is he okay?”

With a frowny face and a cold undertone, the doctor replied…

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