IT STARTED WITH A MISUNDERSTANDING (part 3)- A Story by Ahana Biswas

Chapter 3

Don’t Go Again!

RECAP–Soham met an accident.

Everyone around him, surrounded his unconscious body, and the driver of the car, a girl, rushed to Soham and tried to wake him up; but he won’t. His head bleeder badly and his shirt was red in blood.

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Many among the crowd, panicked.

But no one called an ambulance.

The girl was feeling very guilty of herself. She cried, little because of Soham, more because she feared…..she feared if …… if….if Soham died!

She took her mobile phone out and dialed the ambulance number.

She yelled and said,” Please come near the drinks shop, on the main road. There’s an accident case. Come as soon as possible!”

A few minutes later, the siren was heard…..

To the girl, the siren seemed like the siren of hope….. Hope to get Soham cured….to save him… not get blamed for Soham’s …….

let it be. … won’t say that word more…..

pray for his get well soon… that’s all the girl wanted to and was left to do…..

Soham was taken into the OT.

The girl sat outside, with some amount of hope in the corner of her heart, that Soham was okay and he’ll be out soon.

She remained seated…. and kept thinking of herself……’ First time in my life…..for the very first time…..I faced such a situation’.

For the first time, I was so subconscious minded while driving, that, today life was about to end…..for me……. only for me!”

She felt very much guilty!

A few hours later, she was called to the doctor’s cabin.

She went to the doctor’s cabin, with hope, that she’d get good news …

The doctor said,” He’s okay. No worries now. Just…….”

Before he completed, the girl cut in between,” just what? please continue, doctor ….”

“Please be calm. Let me say. ”

And he continued,” Just, his limbs…I mean, the left leg and left hand, are quite injured….. gravely. He’s got a slight fracture in his left knee. He may have to stay bedridden for about two months. And his left arm, bruised and a deep cut. Those have been stitched. But, he needs to be 24/7 cared for. Does he have someone who will always be with him, will care for him, and not let him down? Is anyone such there?”

The girl recalled Soham’s words, he told her, the day they bumped into each other.

“No.” She replied in a sad undertone.

“What!” exclaimed the doctor.

“He won’t get well soon then. Doesn’t he have a family?”

“No. He doesn’t. His family left him. Long back.” She replied.

“Oh! really sorry for the poor soul! Then I don’t think he’ll get well soon. He’ll suffer the pain, live in pain, live with pain, for quite a long time…!”

“I…I understand, Doctor. I understand….”

she replied.

A few hours later, after a long time awaited, she was allowed to meet Soham.

Soham was laying on the bed, unconscious, head bandaged, an arm bandaged, a leg plastered.

The girl went and sat down on the tool beside Soham’s bed.

She felt inside her, a liking for Soham. She felt she had liked him……

But she didn’t think of all that much.

She sat there, staring at Soham.

It was evening….or actually…. nearly night…about 8 pm.

She didn’t return home that day.

Nor did she inform anything.

Suddenly, she received a call, it was her mother.

She received the call. First, she tried to hide everything.

But she couldn’t.

She told her mother, everything that had happened.

And right then where she was.

Her mother didn’t get much angry. She said that she could return home when everything was okay. She said she trusted her. She consolidated her and the line went dead.

When she went back to Soham, she noticed something, something good!

Soham was moving. He opened his eyes and looked around.

She stood in front of his eyes. Seeing her, at first he failed to recognize. But then, he recognized!

“Y….y….you!?” He said,” Why are you here?

Why are you beside me? I ….I… quite well remove that you said you hated people like me… then why….why did you……?”

Soham panted…he could hardly speak…

He was still in bit pain…

“I’m Suhani .” said the girl. “I’m here beside you today, as,…………as ….”

“As you’re here today, because of me.”

Before she said anything else, Soham said,” Be….b… because of you!? But how?

How can you be the reason for me to be here? ……it was just a car accident. that’s all! No connection of all this with you.”

“Yeah. you’re right. It was an accident. But not ‘just’ accident. Actually, I was the driver of the car that hit you.

Actually, …..”


“Please let me say first.  Let me let you know what actually happened.  Actually, I was quite lost in thoughts. About my career. I joined new at EBEX-COMPUTER ENGINEERING OFFICE”

“What!? What name did you say?” Soham asked…..

“EBEX” She replied…

“I used to work there……but……”


“But, after my family left me, I was just too much taken aback to do anything! to live anymore! But still, I lived….hoped for a better future. But, I wasn’t enough destined, enough favored, enough lucky, to get what I expected, what I wanted.

Instead, I got suspended! Suspended forever! I have no career! no family! nothing!” Soham started to sob by then.

“Tell me why did you save me! why? You could have let me die! I would have been living with my family now!


he cried badly by now…

Suhani wiped his tears…” I’m there. Don’t worry. And….. please forgive me for all my misbehavior and harsh words I had said that day. I’m …..I’m extremely sorry!”

“It’s okay. My fault. I didn’t go with my mother. I lived. !”

“Please. no more such words. I’m understanding what is going on in you….but my soul isn’t calm, too. I too have been through a lot of…….” she sobbed. She couldn’t speak further.

“A lot of?”

“Leave. You take rest. That most important for you to do right now. You may know everything when you get discharged from the hospital. please take rest.”

“mm…I wanted to share many thoughts, too. Thanks for your support. You must go home now. Your family must be waiting. I wasted a lot of your precious time .”

“I should have said it instead. Anyway, you take rest. I’ll be with you, till you get discharged from the hospital.”

“Thanks…… Suhani…” he smiled.

“Welcome, Soham.” she smiled back.

Then Soham fell asleep.

A few minutes later, Suhani’s phone rang.

She went a few meters away from Soham and received the call. It was her mother.

“Hello, Ma!”

“Suhani, Suhani! ……..”

“Ma! Ma!”

Suhani understood that her mother was weeping badly. But … what happened all of a…


Why was her mother crying?

Why had she called her?

Suhani thought of calling back…

But she didn’t.

She couldn’t decide whether to go or not… Her family was her first priority!

When she turned around to face Soham, she saw something that left her shocked! Speechless!

She saw…..she saw……

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