Chapter 2

When I met her….but…

RECAP–Soham couldn’t stand all that or first read Chapter 1

While receiving the suspension form, he couldn’t stand upright anymore and fell to the ground.

That day, neither, he didn’t drink before going to the office nor did he go late.

He hoped for a better future from that day onwards but that day darkened his future and……Continue…

Soham received the suspension form and being unable to stand the situations, his legs tremble, and he fell to the ground…

“Soham!” sir yelled out!

“Soham! Wake up, man!”

He called for the office staff for help.

A few minutes later, when I gained consciousness, I found myself lying on the sofa, in my boss’s cabin.

I sat up straight. I remembered I was to sign in the suspension form.

I searched for the form beside me but didn’t get it.

My boss was sitting beside me without a word.

Silently, he handed me over, the form.

With trembling hands, drowsiness, and blurred vision due to my tearful eyes, I managed to scribble my name on the form.

Then I got down from the sofa and crying

like hell, with a feeling of drowsiness and instability in my movements, I took my messenger office bag with me and ran towards the main door with tearful eyes!

I don’t think I ever cried so much due to any official issue, but I never knew I have to face such a day!

I felt like going to my mother’s straight away instead of going home.

What would I do going back?

Sit and cry and drink!

And regret not having gone with my mother before all this!

I came out on the main road. I wiped my tears, but they refused to dry!

I walked towards my bike, without knowing in which direction, towards whom I was walking.

My eyes just shed tears and with a blurred vision, I walked ahead, when suddenly I bumped into something, or….. someone…

I immediately said sorry, and while wiping my tears, I asked for forgiveness once more and when I looked up, it was a girl I’d bumped into…!

I said sorry, so did she…

but…in an angry tone…

She said,” Can’t you look forward and walk! Though it was, on one hand, my mistake too, you should have been looking up while walking. I noticed you looking down, it seemed you’re lost in thoughts! Take care, next time onwards.”

“Sorry once more… It wasn’t my intention to bump into you…

Actually…… now I’m in a……”

Before I finished, suddenly, she started,” Intention!? I never spoke about that! Why suddenly did you speak about intention? Does that mean you had an intention!!???

What! How Dare !!…….”

“I didn’t! It happened by mistake! Understand? If you wanna *misunderstand* me, you may, to your fullest! I’ve no interest to argue with you! I’m not in a state to argue with you! Go your way! I’ll go to mine.”

She already seemed angry, and especially after bumping into each other.

And now after I spoke to her like this, she was frustrated like nothing!

In utter frustration and anxiety, she yelled,” Very well! Go your way! Some people don’t know to accept their mistakes! Just shedding tears, and trying to emotionally blackmail others, I hate all that!! Bye !!”

I was quite hurt by her way of talking and her words but I don’t know why I quite liked her…

She misbehaved so much, but why am I quite liking her!.

I won’t. I decided!

I was just a wandering soul now!

I don’t think I’ll be able to ride my bike after all that has happened!

I couldn’t decide whether to live or die…!

Why was I suspended?

…why didn’t my boss try to understand me at last once…why?

Why did that girl all of a sudden misunderstand me?

Was I born to be misunderstood and suffer always!!??

How will I live now!?

Without being economically and mentally settled, and stable, how would I survive?

Sometimes I wish to die…I wish I would have been dead!

But today, I wished I would have been Neverexisting! instead of dead!

Then I wouldn’t face any of this…

I kept crying, sitting on my bike…

I cried like hell!

I then managed to give my bike a start and set out for home………

Or not home….to the drinks shop first…I decided I’ll drink till I die….and this time, there was no one to cry for me……no one to shed tears …as my mother was not there anymore…she was the only one left who would cry if I die….to whom, my death would matter a lot!

Now, she wasn’t there anymore……

So no one to cry ……

I can die with freedom!

I wanted to go to my mother and I will!

No one to stop me!

I bought 3 bottles of wine….. one more than usual…

After buying those, when I went to my bike, to my utter surprise, my bike wasn’t there where I had parked it!

It…it was missing!…

I searched madly everywhere, but it was nowhere to be seen…..

I asked the people around me if they had seen a bike here anywhere….or someone riding it and going…

Same reply from everywhere…..NO! ……

Oh God! Why me!….?????

How would I go home now?

I had hardly a hundred rupees left!

If I spent it, I would be left with barely some money to spend a month and then……..

without any income, how would I survive?

I started walking on foot.

And this takes me a few meters to my house…

I was walking subconsciously…lost in thoughts…

I didn’t notice when I had come to the middle of the road…

Suddenly, a car, pacing towards me….not with much speed, but enough to push away a person and hit me.

I fell on the road and laid there subconscious……

I barely could see something …I wanted to faint or die…

But I laid there, howling and yelling in pain…..

The people in the car and the surrounding people rushed towards me…

I couldn’t bear the pain!!!

I finally…………………………………………. fainted!

I thought I went to my mother……..mmm……. but I didn’t have enough time to think whether I did or not………and before I realized anything else, I fainted!

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