Chapter 1

When I met my fate!

Soham, a working man,  is ‘I’ here.


I was a working man. I previously had a job as a software engineer in Ebex- Software Engineering Office, Pune.

But, recently, just a few months ago, I had lost my job, due to my very poor performance and attendance there, and…… one more reason …..

I used to go there very late and …. being drunk…..

Actually, a few months ago, when one day, I returned from my office, I suddenly got a call from an unknown number.

It said,” Your mother is no more. Kindly come to the hospital to take her body home.”

I was shocked!

I couldn’t believe what I had heard!

I already lost my father at a very young age.

After that, my mother was my only support.

But Today, ……I just couldn’t take what I had heard.

Just then, I received another call.

This time, it was my aunt, my mother’s elder sister.

I received the call, Just to hear her saying,” Please don’t come here, son. You won’t be able to bear all this. You won’t be able to bear the sight of your dead…de….de…dead….m…m…… mother!”

I understood she was crying badly while she spoke.

But suddenly, she started to stutter!

And her breath stopped…

I started shouting on the phone,” Aunty! What happened? Why did you suddenly….”

Before I finished, my uncle responded, that, my aunt had fainted.

I fell to the ground.

I couldn’t take it at all!

I couldn’t digest the fact that I became an orphan!

And now, my aunt had fainted!

I rushed to the hospital.

When I reached there, I was dumbfounded after seeing what I saw…

A body, covered in white cloth, laid in a stretcher, was being brought out from the OT, and my aunt and uncle, stood there speechless…

They noticed me.

I couldn’t stand all this!

Why always me !?

Why I’m always the sufferer!?

God didn’t leave my mother too!?

Why did he leave me then?

I started sobbing, yelling, crying like hell!

My mother’s body was brought out finally.

I ran to her.

I started shouting at the nurses there!

I yelled and said that I wanted to talk to my mother.

I wanted to hug her.

I wanted to kiss her.

I wanted to cry on her lap and tell her never to joke again!

But I knew it wasn’t a joke.

I just couldn’t accept it!

How could I, anyway!!!???

My aunt, though herself being in a shaken state, tried to calm me down.

But, ….. but I just couldn’t calm down…

That night, after my mother’s funeral, I returned home, with two bottles of wine.

It was the first time in my life, I had touched a wine bottle and was gonna drink it!

I went to my room, locked myself up, and cried and drank like hell!

After that day, I stopped going to the office.

And I used to drink almost every day.

I wasn’t in a condition to inform everything in my office.

I didn’t even receive my office calls.

Thus, a few months later,  I rejoined the office.

But I still wasn’t stable.

After the first day of rejoining,

The next day onwards, I started going late, in a drunk condition.

As my instability obliged me to…my unstable mental health obliged me too!

On the sixth day,  I was called to the room of my boss, and he handed me a letter and a form.

He said, “Sign here. Read the letter later.”

“What’s this, Sir?” I asked.

“Your suspension form. Sign here for the confirmation that you’re accepting your suspension,” He replied in a heavy and angry tone.

“What! suspension!?

What the hell!

Why am I being suspended all of a sudden!?”

“Read it in the letter you got!” he yelled!, “Now for God’s sake, please sign! And get out of here!”

“Sir, actually, I… I ……..I……..”

before I finished, I suddenly felt very weak, drowsy, my legs trembling…

I couldn’t stand all of that!

I suddenly…..fell to the ground…..

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