Never Lose Hope- A moral,motivational and English Story.

A man who never lose hope


Once a man lost his job and was trying to find employment to support his living. Within the newspaper, he found “A job of an employee is available”. He required employment badly thus he applied for the post of “office boy” at an awfully huge firm.

The Next day, The manager referred to like him for the interview. The Manager interviewed him and gave him a take look at. Man cleared the take a look at. The Manager aforesaid, “You square measure employed. So, provide me your e-mail address in order that I will send you extra details and your change of integrity letter”. The man replied, “Sir I do not have a laptop associated neither do I even have an e-mail address”.

The manager replied, “what…? In today’s time if you do not have associate e-mail id which means you do not exist which means you cannot get this job…I am sorry however you’re not hired”.

The man left and he did not grasp what to try to as he had solely 200/- Rs left in his pocket and no job and he had no hope of obtaining the other job anytime shortly.

He did not grasp what to try to and did not need to travel home while not employment. Then he thought for a jiffy….

Then he determined to travel to a market and acquired ten weight units of veggies thereupon cash then went door to door to sell those veggies. until evening, he was able to sell all those veggies and even doubles up his cash.

This created him notice that he might survive by this and began to travel to the market daily early within the morning and acquired contemporary veggies then the full day he would sell them going door to door and by evening, he would sell all the veggies that he bought within the morning.

He worked terribly laborious daily and together with his determination and persistence, simply in five years he became a well-established bourgeois. Now, he had his own fleet of delivery vehicles and had become one in all the largest organic phenomenon retailers within the American market.

One day he determined to own insurance for his family and himself. He referred to as an associate insurance advisor. Finally discussions, the advisor asked him concerning his e-mail address. Then the person replied, “I haven’t got an associate email address”. The advisor was stunned and aforesaid, “You haven’t got associate email address associated however you succeed to create an empire. Are you able to imagine what you’ll have done associated what you’ll be if you had an e-mail address”?

The man thought for a flash and replied, “A workplace boy”.

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MORAL: IF we have a tendency to rummage around for one thing AND DON’T get onto, we should always NOT LOSE HOPE…WE DON’T recognize WHAT DESTINY HAD future FOR US…NEVER LOSE HOPE AND KEEP making an attempt.


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